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How to Authenticate a Mulberry Bayswater Satchel

We’re back with another article on how to authenticate a designer handbag, this time a Mulberry. Below we have posted pictures the details of a 100% authentic Small Bayswater Satchel (also known as the SBS) for your reference. If you suspect that your Mulberry bag might be a fake, compare it to these pictures. If you are thinking of buying a Mulberry satchel on eBay or any other second-hand online store, ask the seller for detailed pictures and compare them against these images.

Note: Our model handbag is in an authentic SBS in ‘red onion’ patent leather with gunmetal hardware. Mulberry also makes Small Bayswater Satchels in a wide range of other colors, with the classics being black, oak, and ox blood, usually with brass hardware.

00 - Mulberry Small Bayswater Satchel

What does an authentic Mulberry logo and metal plate / turn lock look like?

Below are two pictures of a real Mulberry gunmetal turn lock. Following them is a picture of a fake one. Notice that on the authentic handbag (first and second pictures), the logo is engraved very neatly. The leaves do not touch.

01 - Mulberry metal plate authentic
Authentic Mulberry turn lock / metal plate with logo

02 - authentic mulberry logo
From another angle, an authentic Mulberry Small Bayswater turn lock plate

Meanwhile, the logo on the fake bag is shoddily engraved. You can see the some of the leaves touching.

03 - Fake Mulberry turnlock
Fake Mulberry turn lock plate and logo

When you turn the metal plate over, you should see flat head screws with just one line (/), NOT Phillips screws with a cross (X).

04 - Screws used on authentic Mulberry
Authentic screws (flat head)
04.1 - Screws on fake Mulberry
Fake screws (Phillips)

What does a real Mulberry serial number and disc look like?

Below is a picture of the disc of our authentic handbag. Again, the logo is crisp and the leaves do not touch. It’s also worth noting that the zipper pull on a Small Bayswater Satchel is leather, not the metal pulls you see on the bigger (regular sized) Bayswater.

05 - Authentic mulberry disc and serial number
When you flip the disc you should see a 7-digit serial number in this font. Fakes usually use a different font.
06 - Mulberry serial authentic
We didn’t want to reveal the serial number as counterfeiters may be reading this.
07 - fake mulberry serial 026904
This is a counterfeit serial number

Mulberry Serial Number Checker

Mulberry serial numbers are 100% UNIQUE. So if you Google Mulberry + the serial number of your bag, then no other bag with the same number should appear. If there are matches, it’s very likely that your bag is fake.

Based on our research, the following are some of the most commonly-used serial numbers on fake Mulberry bags:

25869 26904 166757 207542 207542 240535 249328 254571 256678 256760 257528 258668 258798 262541 275288 327448 346352 373140 390207 565321 757156 924565 929885 929976 932351 982573 1572839

This is not a complete list. So again, if you want to be sure that your handbag is indeed the genuine article, simply Google Mulberry + its serial number. There should be NO MATCHES. The serial number of a real handbag is 100% unique.

From what we know, the serial numbers on Small Bayswater Satchels start with 1. There should be 7 digits for this particular line. We are not sure how many digits are used on other Mulberry styles.

Other details: Strap, Clasp, Clochette, and Padlock

Let’s take a closer look at the strap of a real Mulberry Small Bayswater Satchel. Here you will see that the metal clasp that allows you to hook the strap to the D-ring has some unique details: a Mulberry logo on the toggle and the word ‘Mulberry’ on the screw:

08 - Authentic Mulberry clasp
09 - Authentic Mulberry clasp 2
The belt buckle that allows you to adjust the length of the strap is also engraved with the word ‘Mulberry.’ The engraving is clean and clear.
10 - Mulberry belt buckle on strap
The padlock on this particular line of bags are self-locking. There are no keys. The leather clochette that holds the padlock is stamped with the Mulberry logo. The padlock is engraved with the tree logo on one side and the word ‘Mulberry’ on the other.
11 - Real Mulberry lock 12 - Mulberry Self-Locking Padlock 13 - Authentic Mulberry Padlock

Where to Buy Authentic Mulberry Online

Your best bet will be the official Mulberry online store, but if you aren’t willing to pay the full retail price, don’t worry-you have other choices.

These reputable retailers sometimes markdown their Mulberry stock:

Nordstrom – Mulberry Handbags

Matches Fashion

You can also buy used Mulberry handbags from these websites: – Certified Authentic Mulberry

Authentic Mulberry on Ebay (Look for sellers with high ratings)


Need help authenticating other brands? We have a guide to authenticating a Prada and authenticating a Gucci. Don’t forget to pass this information on to friends who might be interested in purchasing a designer handbag outside of the brand’s official stores. Protect yourself from fakes!

Disclaimer: Our comments are based on our own experiences. We do NOT or represent the Mulberry brand nor do we work for them. We cannot guarantee that this Mulberry authentication guide will protect you from purchasing a fake or otherwise enhance your life, but we do hope to help you make informed decisions.
Published August 20, 2016 by Carine Ferguson
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