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The Loewe Puzzle Bag – Prices, Availability, and Where to Buy It

It’s easy to see why the Puzzle Bag by Loewe Hailed is sold out in the US. It has been hailed by every major fashion publication as one of the must-have bags of 2015, after all. The good news is, you can still order it online from Selfridges in the UK, which carries the puzzle bag in all sizes and a wide range of colors.

How Much is the Loewe Puzzle Bag? 
The price of the Loewe Puzzle bag depends on the size: 

Small Puzzle Bags By Loewe
The small version of this handbag currently retails for £1,495 or roughly $2,230. 
Regular Size Puzzle Bags By Loewe
The regular version is available for £1,650 or roughly $2,450. 
Loewe Python Puzzle Bag
The python version is of course more expensive, costing £2,995 or $4,460. 

Shipping from the UK to the US/Canada (and to anywhere in the world) costs £25 or a little less than $40.

Where is it Still Available? 

This bag is currently sold out in the US and Canada, so you’ll have order online from UK’s leading purveyor of luxury—Selfridges.  Click on the pictures below to be taken to the sales page.

Loewe Stone Puzzle Handbag
Regular size, in 'stone' calfskin. Price: £1,650 | $2,450 
Loewe Tan Brown Puzzle Bag
Regular size, in 'tan' calfskin. Price: £1,650 | $2,450 
Loewe Coral Puzzle
Regular size, in 'coral' calfskin. Price: £1,650 | $2,450 
Loewe Black
Regular size, in black calfskin. Price: £1,650 | $2,450 
Loewe Puzzle Bag Blue Marine
Regular size, in 'marine' calfskin. Price: £1,650 | $2,450 
Loewe Yellow Corn Small Puzzle
Smaller size in 'yellow corn' calfskin. Price: £1,495 | $2,230  
Loewe Soft White Puzzle Small
Smaller size in 'soft white' calfskin. Price: £1,495 | $2,230  

What Color Should I Choose?

The regular-sized puzzle bag is still available in the following colors:


Small puzzle bags are still available in:

Soft white
Yellow Corn

We’re partial to black for versatility, but if you already have too many bags in your closet and want something else, go for Loewe’s catwalk piece—the coral version.  

What’s the Difference Between ‘Small’ and ‘Regular’?

Here are the exact dimensions of the small puzzle bag:

Width 29cm
Height 19.5
Depth 14
Strap length 46-66cm
Handle drop 15cm

The regular version is slightly wider, with the following dimensions: 

Width 36.5cm
Height 19.5cm
Depth 19cm
Strap length 48-68cm
Handle drop 20cm

Both types of bags are made of calf leather with polished palladium hardware. Inside are two internal pockets and textile lining. The strap is adjustable.

How Many Ways Can I Wear the Puzzle Bag? 

The amazing origami structure of this multi-way handbag guarantees mileage in your wardrobe. Carry it 5 ways: across the body, on the shoulder, as a backpack, as sidepack, and as a clutch (yes, you can collapse it).

Ways To Wear The Loewe Puzzle Bag
You can wear the puzzle bag 5 ways. 
Loewe Puzzle Worn As Clutch
The Loewe puzzle bag worn as a clutch. | Photo by The Sartorialist 
How To Wear The Loewe Puzzle Bag
Photo by The Sartorialist 
Backpack Loewe Puzzle
The Loewe puzzle bag worn as a backpack. | Photo by The Sartorialist 

We love how this bag folds flat to fit in your suitcase, and then folds back up again without losing its structure.

The puzzle bag was designed by Loewe’s new creative director, J.W. Anderson, who is succeeding in breathing new life into this Spanish brand. Anderson recently won an award from the British Fashion Awards.

Published April 09, 2015 by Carine Ferguson
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