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Foldable Prada Handbag for Travel

(Used as a Carry-on Purse)

Foldable Prada Travel Carry On Bag 2
I’ve been requested to post a review of the Prada BN2016 which is I use as a purse for my personal belongings when I fly. I have a separate leather carry-on bag that goes in the overhead for all my clothes, so this folding nylon and saffiano handbag—which stays on my lap or goes under the seat in front of me—mainly contains things that I need during the flight, such as my:

Small camera
Small laptop
Makeup kit
Passports and other travel documents
Money and credit cards
An extra t-shirt
A cardigan, light jacket, or a thick scarf

Prada Passport Holder

The little pocket just under the flap is the perfect size for holding a passport, boarding pass, train ticket, etc. 

Because it folds, I sometimes empty it out and stuff it in my carry-on to be used when I get to my destination. It’s a fantastic bag for exploring a city, comfortably fitting a large water bottle, my wallet, phone, makeup kit, travel guidebook, my sunglasses, and a souvenir or two. This folding Prada handbag is also water resistant. It’s perfect for rainy London!

Foldable Prada Travel Carry On Bag 1

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Where to buy: Note that nylon Prada handbag is available only in Prada’s official discount outlet stores, including Space Hong Kong which we wrote about here. For a list of legitimate Prada-owned discount outlets worldwide including the United States and Italy, please click here

Prada has been known to manufacture cheaper handbags for its discount stores, and this is one of them. It retails for $900++. The correct model number is BN 2016, but I have also seen it being sold as BN 2106. Some enterprising resellers buy large quantities of this bag from Prada outlet stores and resell them online for a higher price. 

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Prada Travel Bag 6

This hardworking folding bag can be worn two ways; just snap on the strap that comes with it and it becomes a crossbody bag perfect for travel, when you need to keep your hands free. 

It reminds me of my foldable Longchamp in this same color. This is a lot thicker than the Pliage, though, so don’t expect it to fold down to that size. The nylon tessuto is easy to clean—I’ve hand washed this bag in the sink at least three times without a problem. And because the handle is made of saffiano leather, you never have to worry about it getting ruined by water. 

Folding Prada Carry On Handbag 8

This foldable carry-on purse is also very secure, as the main compartment is difficult to access. The flap (with a magnetic snap) provides an extra layer of protection to the zippered compartment. The interior zip pocket is perfect for things you need to keep extra secure.

Though it looks small, this deceptively spacious foldable Prada can handle a lot—a big Long wallet, tablet, your car/house keys, a 500ml bottle of water, and even a folding umbrella, with room to spare!

Foldable Prada Travel Carry On Purse 7
Foldable Prada Travel Carry On Bag 5

I recommend it if you are looking for a relatively cheap and foldable designer handbag for travel or city use. I wish it had more compartments to keep my things organized, as I sometimes lose things in the void that is this bag’s roomy compartment. But that small problem is easily remedied by a bag organizer.

Prada Carry-On Purse 4
Published May 06, 2015 by Ingrid Cudia
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