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When is Cyber Monday 2015?

This year, the biggest day in online shopping falls on November 30, 2015. Mark your calendars! The annual Cyber Monday tradition marks the first week of the busy holiday shopping season. Expect fashion retailers—even higher end brands—to offer special deals and discounts of up to 70%.

What Time Does Cyber Monday Start?

Most major fashion retailers will start their sales online as early as midnight. If you’re as obsessed as we are with finding designer bargains online, then you really shouldn’t sleep on November 29.

You Don’t Have to Wait Until Monday

Did you know that you can start shopping for designer discounts online as early as Black Friday (November 27)? Cyber Black Friday is observed by many internet retailers who want to cater to shoppers who are not interested in tackling the long queues in traditional stores. But while you can certainly get substantial discounts on designer shoes, accessories, and handbags on Black Friday, you shouldn’t spend all your money. There are more exciting deals to be posted by Cyber Monday 2015.

Get First Dibs!

Be sure to register (click here) to get first dibs on the best designer bargains when Cyber Black Friday and Cyber Monday arrives. Here’s how it works: Simply sign up and we’ll send you an email alert will all the discounted goodies from your favorite designers. 

In 2014, we spotted discounts of up to 65% off on Prada shoes as well as coveted Michael Kors watches. And in an unlikely turn of events, even high-brow labels that usually don’t publicize their sale events—like Chanel and Christian Louboutin—were happy to put some items on their sale racks. We wonder what they will do this year! 

International Cyber Monday 2015

Though Cyber Monday is primarily ‘celebrated’ in the United States, it is also quite popular in Canada, the United Kingdom, Chile, Egypt, Japan,  the UAE, Portugal, Colombia,  and Germany. You can grab the discounts from wherever you are in the world, really. The internet has made shopping a real democracy. So if you live outside the US and would like to get first dibs, go ahead and sign up here. We’ll send you sale alerts, too! 

Published September 24, 2015 by Carine Ferguson
Designer Discounted