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The Truth About Christian Louboutin’s Red Soles

What An Authentic Louboutin Looks Like
Lacquered in a glossy, vivid red, the signature soles of Christian Louboutin have been compared to Louis XIV’s famous red heels, signaling privilege and glamour. To the wearer, it’s like a dirty little secret; to the beholder, it’s serendipity. This little red fashion taillight is as much a mischievous status symbol and a genius marketing gimmick.

Over 500,000 pairs of Christian Louboutin shoes are sold yearly, each costing at least $350. Worn by everyone famous, they virtually promote themselves—Oprah interviewed George W. Bush in those heels, Carla Bruni walked around London in them, and Beyoncé wore them to an NBA game. The pop of color adds both visual flirtation and commercial utility, and has turned what was once a small handmade-shoe atelier into an empire.  

History of the Red Loboutin Sole

What exactly inspired the red sole that launched a thousand knockoffs?

It was in the year 1993—his third year in the shoe business—that Louboutin produced his first red soles. Business wasn’t particularly brisk, and he was looking for a way to bring a Warhol-inspired prototype to new heights.

Seeing his assistant painting her nails, Louboutin was struck by inspiration. He grabbed the red nail polish and slathered it on the prototype’s sole.

Fake Louboutins Flood the Market

It took many years before Louboutin decided to aggressively pursue imitators. In 2007, he filed for trademark protection. But because the use of a color in design is a very fiddly thing to enforce, the battle has yet to be won. The internet is still awash in fake Louboutins with orangey soles and the smell of toxic glue. It’s now even possible to buy red polymer plastic stickers that you can adhere to the soles of your shoes for that instant designer look.

What Do Real Louboutin Red Soles Look Like?

The best way to steer clear of fake Louboutins is to buy only from authorized resellers. Click here for a selection of discounted Louboutins from legitimate merchants.

If you have already bought a pair and are not sure of its authenticity, compare the soles to these images of authentic Louboutin soles.
Louboutin Red Sole Autthentic

This is an up-close image showing the red sole of the iconic black Pigalle, Louboutin’s number-one icon.

Pink Louboutin Pigaelle Follies 100mm

Shown above is a detailed picture of the sole on pink patent leather Pigalle Follies, refitted from the classic Pigalle. Notice the superfine stiletto heel and the more daring plunging arch (100mm).

Below are detailed images of the Decolette 554 85mm, also with the signature red leather sole.

Christian Louboutin Decollete2
Christian Louboutin Decollete1
Christian Louboutin Decollete

Buying Authentic Christian Louboutin at a Discount

It doesn’t happen every day, but yes—Christian Louboutin does go on sale via the following licensed retailers:

The Outnet

Bergdorf Goodman

Saks Fifth Avenue

Discounted pairs run out quickly, though. To ensure that you get first dibs, sign up as a member of and get instant alerts when there’s a Louboutin sale from a licensed retailer.

More pictures of the iconic red sole:

Authentic Loboutin Sole3
Authentic Loboutin Sole2
Authentic Loboutin Sole1
Published August 08, 2014 by Ingrid Cudia
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