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Lucky Designer Handbags – Feng Shui for Your Purse

We can all use more luck. And while it may not be practical to feng shui your entire life, you can certainly make your handbag auspicious. Don’t worry—we’re not talking about putting kooky crystals on your beloved designer purse. Here we discuss practical and doable feng shui tips for handbags.

But first, why should you feng shui your purse?

If you are like most women, your purse is a collector of all kinds of things and is also the item in your life that carries your wealth and financial power. Is your handbag a facilitator of wealth or is it so disorganized that you can’t even find your checkbook? Is it clean, or has it become a receptacle of food wrappers and receipts? Perhaps it’s time for some feng shui intervention.

If your handbag is a mess and it takes you a while to find anything, you may feel lost—and your bank account will start to reflect that scattered, harried state. An attractive and organized purse will instantly make you feel better and much more in control of your lives.

Lucky designer handbags

If you’re in the market for a new arm candy or simply want to make your trusted old Prada attract more positive energy, read our easy-to-do tips:  

1. Keep it organized.

Organize your purse just like you organize your home and office. You don’t want to be rummaging around your bag for your keys all the time. Doing so stresses you out and generates negative chi.

Have a place for everything, from your phone to your lipstick to your breath mints. Clean your purse out at least once a week. Throw out old receipts, food wrappers, used tissue, bits of paper or anything else that may be cluttering up your handbag and blocking positive chi from flowing in. Do not carry trash in the purse as your money. Your handbag is not a trash can. Don’t treat it like one.

Choose a handbag with multiple compartments that let you sort out all your things. This Tory Burch Robinson Triple-zip satchel is a great choice. It features three generously sized pockets plus an interior zipper pocket at back and two interior open pockets in the front zip compartment. It also has lucky wide bottom, narrow top shape. 

2. Never put your handbag on the floor

A Chinese proverb says that leaving your handbag on the floor is tantamount to letting other people ‘step on your money.’ And really, it’s simply not hygienic. Have you heard about bagteria? The handbag is one of the top 10 dirtiest things women come in contact with daily, right up there with the doorknob. Millions of little creatures cling on to your handbag every time you plop it on the floor!

So as you can see, it makes perfect sense to elevate your bag. Buy handy and uber cheap portable bag hooks let you hang your purse on any table. They sell for around $1 0 and are perfect gifts for your girlfriends!

3. If you’re buying a new handbag, choose a lucky shape.

According to feng shui experts, the most auspicious shape for a handbag is the ‘money bag’ silhouette, narrow on top and wide on the bottom. This shape supposedly lets you collect money instead of spending too much of it.

The shapes of both the Hermes Birkin and Kelly may be considered lucky in handbag feng shui, they have wide bottoms and narrow tops. Both of these luscious purses also have locks for security and protection from theft—another practical feng shui principle.

4. Choose lucky colors.

As a general rule:

Red is for protection and good luck
Black is for financial stability  
Purple and silver is for luxury wealth
Green is for financial growth and new money

You may also follow the yin-yang fortune colors when choosing handbag. Find out if you are cold (yang), hot (yang), or neutral by using an online Chinese almanac.

For people ‘yang’ nature, lucky handbag colors include:


This Marc Jacobs ‘Blue Depths’ Hobo is perfect if you are of ‘yang’ energy.

If you are of ‘yin’ nature, try to choose a handbag in any of these colors:


This Michael Kors Hamilton (in red) is an auspicious bag for 'yin' energy people because of its shape, lock, and color.

Don’t believe in lucky colors? Some experts suggest that you simply choose a color that makes you happy and inspired every time you see it. You want a handbag in a hue that perks you up when you’re down.

You can also simply add a tassel or tie a scarf in a lucky color around the handle of your bag. That should change up its look and might even make it a bit luckier.

5. Buy new.

Do you love to buy second-hand designer handbags? That might be the greener and more financially prudent choice, but feng shui experts advise against it. A lucky purse ideally has brand new energy, not tired, impoverished, or weary. Using second-hand purses (even if it’s a Chanel) is a no-no unless its chi is still impeccable—meaning, no scratches, tears, holes, or stains.

If you really can’t resist that used designer handbag or that lucky thrift store find, waft incense inside to cleanse it of negative energy. (Hey, it won’t hurt.)

6. Pick the right size.

A good handbag is both decorative and functional. It should fit you perfectly. Don’t buy a handbag that is too big of a burden for your frame, as carrying it will drain your energy (literally). Stay away from handbags that are small to carry your daily essentials, too, as tying to shove things in will just cause you undue stress.

Most online designer handbag stores these days illustrate how a bag looks on an averaged sized person. Use that as a guide.

Published September 06, 2014 by Carine Ferguson
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