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Duchess Kate Middleton's Travel Bag

Probably what we love most about Kate Middleton is her practicality when it comes to fashion, and this translates to her travel bag and accessories. The Duchess has been spotted many times with Longchamp Le Pliage totes -- those foldable, washable, travel bags that are both understated and cheap, retailing at just around $115.

Le Pliage bags are made of ultra light nylon canvas (a Longchamp signature), and then chicly trimmed in soft cowhide leather. We imagine Kate using it to carry her plane shoes, scarf, a book or tablet, perhaps, and even a stuffed animal for Prince George. We love that she chose the classic navy travel bag for her recent trip. Even Prince William looked good carrying it!

Duchess Catherine Travel Bag 2
Prince William carrying his wife's Longchamp travel bag, and his son's adorable kangaroo backpack. 

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This royal travel bag is also available directly from, though they sell at the full retail price. Longchamp has upped the luxe on this everyday bag by -- get this -- offering customization services. It is available in different colors, including:

Lemon Yellow
Navy (Kate's color)
Paper Pink (A very light pink)

A Parisian Staple

On my recent trip to Paris, I saw almost every other Parisian woman using a Longchamp Le Pliage not for travel but to carry everyday essentials like baguettes, fresh fruits, or flowers. It truly is a chic alternative to (ugly) reusable bags. You can carry a folded one in your purse and whip it out whenever you need to carry extras, or to go shopping.

Fold and Wash

The Longchamp Le Pliage makes a great travel bag because it's foldable. I personally like to bring one folded Le Pliage in my carry-on during my trips, so I can whip it out later to hold souvenirs. It folds flat are is super light. Here's what this travel tote looks like folded:

Travel Bag Folded

The nylon Le Pliage is easy to wash. The official care instructions advise owners to clean the nylon body using a soft brush or cloth, with neutral soap and good old water. But I have personally washed mine in the machine, on low settings and using a mild detergent, and the bag came out looking even better! If you have Longchamp's colorless leather cream, you can also apply that using a soft cloth to the leather trims every once in a while.

Buy It

This travel bag is available everywhere and -- unlike Kate Middleton's Reiss dresses -- is not likely to get sold out. Buy the Le Pliage discounted from Nordstrom or direct from


Kate Middleton Travel Bag
Kate Middleton's travel bag of choice is the reasonably priced, super practical Longchamp Le Pliage. 

Published April 24, 2014 by Carine Ferguson
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