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Much-Awaited Cyber Monday Fashion Deals 2014

Our favorite day of the year is almost here—Cyber Monday 2014! We’re counting down to December 1, when designer handbags and shoes are sure to be marked down by at least 40% off. Tradition dictates that we scour all the designer websites post all the biggest discounts help you save money while snagging that Prada bag or Pucci dress.

Our Promise

This year, we will again be monitoring all the best luxury online boutiques so you don’t have to!

Here’s how it works. You sign up as a member and let us know who your favorite designers are. Then, we’ll send you an alert once we spot a huge Cyber Monday deal from your favorites. You know how those discounted luxury items run out really fast? Our alert can help you get ahead of everyone else, so you can get that Fendi bag before someone else snags it.

Cyber Monday Shopping Tips

Competition for discounted designer fashion deals can be super fierce. How do you come out of the online shopping game a victor? Here are some tips.

1. Be decisive.

Most handbags and shoes—especially from Prada, Bottega Veneta, and Michael Kors—are sold out within minutes. There’s no time for second-guessing on Cyber Monday!  You need to trust your gut. If you truly love an item, click on it right away and add it to your shopping cart.

2. Know your sizes.

Start listing down your true size per designer as early as now, so you wont have to waste time on December 1. Take into consideration certain nuances. For example, Christian Louboutin shoes tend to be narrow, so you might need to go half a size up if have wide feet.

3. Shop early. Yes, in your pajamas.

Luxury retailers mark down their items very early in the morning—at around 2:00am or so. If you can get up that early, then good for you. Otherwise, just let us do all the hard work. Simply sign up as a Designer Discounted member and you can see all the best deals in your email when you wake up. No need to go to each website one by one!  Our team will show you all the best fashion discounts.

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Published November 09, 2014 by Carine Ferguson
Designer Discounted