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Rising designer David Chum’s line has bite—and it’s the kind of tang that is actually wearable. We can imagine the fantastically eclectic Daphne Guinness is his dresses (perhaps with heelless shoes), but we can also see chic women in the real world looking gorgeous in his frocks.

Boston-based Chum is a self-taught designer who draws from his training in fine arts to construct clothes that are both rigid yet limber. His pieces nod to the trends, but never quite surrender. He executes tailored looks quite masterfully, working with gravity and the body. It’s these shapes that turn the heads of women who can spot great design at 50 paces.

Chum’s clever design sense is only made more interesting by his remarkable past. The dapper Cambodian-American was born in a refugee camp in the Philippines, and as an infant, emigrated to the United States with his parents. He has a degree in fine arts from the Art Institute of Boston, but aside from pillow-sewing lessons at age 12 and a stint as a costume designer for his high school theater, Chum does not appear to have any official fashion training. In 2008, he simply purchased pattern drafting textbooks and bravely started working on his line. Selahdor became official a year later, earning press and buyer attention almost instantly. The brand was eventually selected as a recipient of the Emerging Designer Fund.

Selador David Chum 2013 Autumn
Did you know? Selahdor is a play on the words “cellar door.” Image: Selahdor Autumn 2013 Collection from 

Today, Chum works out of his studio outside Boston, posting on his company’s Facebook page some pictures that give us a glimpse into his work life. His Autumn-Winter 2013 collection was inspired by the villain in the German epic fantasy film, ‘The NeverEnding Story.’ More austere and restrained, it’s the antithesis of his well-received Spring-Summer 2013 collection, which was all about kaleidoscope-inspired prints.

Selahdor is available from selected stockists. Visit the official website for buying information. We will continue to monitor this designer and let you know right away if some of his pieces go on sale (because hey, that’s what we're here for).

UPDATE - December 2, 2013: Selahdor is now available online. If you're a size 2, you can get unbelievable deals in the 'sample sale' section. U.S. shipping is free. Shop away!
This feature is the second installment in a series on emerging designers. will highlight remarkable new labels that are likely to skyrocket, giving you an idea of what to buy now, while prices are still (a little bit) lower.  

Selahdor David Chum
The designer, David Chum. Photo from 

"Selahdor nods to the trends, but never quite surrenders. Chum executes tailored looks quite masterfully, working with gravity and the body. His shapes turn the heads of women who can spot great design at 50 paces."

Published December 03, 2013 by Ingrid Cudia
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