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Fashion Profile: Queen Rania of Jordan

In a 2009 interview with Vogue, Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan said what might be the most intelligent thing ever said about the frivolity that is fashion:

"I think style can communicate substance."

And that is why we love her.

Undoubtedly the perfect combination of style, poise, and charm, she is certainly one of the most beautiful women in today's royal circuit. The Arab queen is always a picture of elegance, whether donning a regal dress, a pantsuit, or her signature structured knee-length dresses for a full day official duties.

Queen Rania LV  Louis Vuitton Dress And Prada Accessories
A Louis Vuitton dress paired with Prada shoes, clutch, and belt. Source: 

Queen Rania couldn’t be more fit to be a royal. With her timeless beauty, modelesque physique, and innate grace, she seems to have been born for the job. Her closet is not lacking in Dolce & Gabbana, Oscar de la Renta, Giorgio Armani, Dior, Prada, and Gucci, but she also supports Arab designers in the likes of Krikor Jabotian, Aennis Eunis, and Elie Saab, who designed the $2.4 million, emerald and diamond embroidered dress she wore during her coronation. For daily wear, she chooses to stick to simple ensembles that mix sophistication and modesty. Her style is unfussy and polished—suitable for her busy schedule as a mother, a wife, a humanitarian, and an advocate.

Queen Rania Aennis Eunis Clutch
An Aennis Eunis clutch and Krikor Jabotian dress. Source: 

Her Majesty Queen Rania—married to King Abdullah II of Jordan—didn't grow up dreaming to be a queen. She was born to a well-to-do Palestinian family and lived in comfort in a home on the West Bank of Kuwait until the Gulf War broke out and forced them—along with thousands of other Palestinians—to relocate to Amman. She received her education at Kuwait City's New English School and graduated with a business degree from the American University, Cairo.

A chance meeting with Prince Abdullah changed her life forever. The prince and his would-be queen met in January of 1993 during a dinner party hosted by the prince's sister. Five months later, they were married. Shortly after was another unforeseen turn—on his death bed, King Hussein unexpectedly named Prince Abdullah his successor, overturning a previous decision to change the line of succession in favor of  his brother (Abdullah's uncle).

Queen Rania Krikor Jabotian Dress
Her majesty in a Krikor Jabotian dress. Source: 

Through these unexpected changes, the young queen managed to carry herself with grace and proved that she is more than just a pretty face. She took on a long list of advocacies, most of which benefit Arab women and children. In addition to being named in countless best-dressed lists, she is also recognized as one of the world's most powerful women by Forbes. The same magazine dubbed her ‘the most listened-to woman’ in the Middle East.

Queen Rania is more than just a style icon. She is an inspiration to many women throughout the world who admire her not only for her queenly beauty, but more importantly for her philanthropy, courage, and compassion.

Queen Rania Giorgio Armani Dress 2009 France Visit Side
Queen Rania in a Giorgio Armani dress, visiting France in 2009. Source: Hello Magazine 

"Style can communicate substance."

-Queen Rania of Jordan

Published July 01, 2013 by Glaiza Valiente
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