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Michael Kors vs. MICHAEL Michael Kors - What's the Difference?

Did you know that Michael Kors actually has three brands, each one targeting different price points? The company owns the name Michael Kors, plus two diffusion brands: “KORS by Michael Kors” and “MICHAEL Michael Kors.” The clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories under these derivative brands are far cheaper than the high-end Michael Kors line.

What is the extra 'MICHAEL' in the name for?

Here’s the story: Twenty years ago, it was taboo for highbrow fashion brands to pull down their prices to reach the masses, fearing they would lose exclusivity and luxury. Today, however, more and more designers are embracing the trend, making their items available where the money is: upscale department stores frequented by the mass market.

Tapping into the utilitarian value of exposing their goods to more people, designers are cultivating a new tradition that frees them from the box of thousand-dollar blouses that only cater to a select group of fashionistas. Like Marc by Marc Jacobs, RED Valentino, Z Spoke (Zac Posen), and Miu Miu (Prada), the brand MICHAEL Michael Kors extends a cheaper version of the brand to cater to low-end retail outlets.

MICHAEL Michael Kors was launched in 2004 and is now gracing over 350 stores and concessions throughout the US. It is a modish diffusion line that gave the designer’s signature luxe sportswear label an urban chic makeover. Think sequined dresses, fancy totes, and embellished clutches—all priced much lower than usual. The line is designed to cater to younger customers who shop in lifestyle shops as well as large department stores.

Clothes, shoes, and bags in diffusion lines or secondary lines like MICHAEL Michael Kors are often made with cheaper materials, less-expensive fabrics, and less sophisticated stitching. No worries, though—the styles are still distinctly luxe even though they are priced to be more affordable to stylistas who don't have million-dollar paychecks.

Is MICHAEL Michael Kors cheaper?

Yes, it is definitely cheaper than the Michael Kors line. Secondary lines or diffusion lines like MICHAEL Michael Kors are 'bridges' between designer collections and lower-end collections. Designer and haute couture labels occupy the highest tiers, often selling for more than $1000 per item. These lines often have the finest fabrics, sophisticated detailing, and runway cuts. On the other end of the spectrum, there are budget lines that retail for less than $50.  In between, there are lines like MICHAEL Michael Kors where items sell for $100 to $350.

If you’re ready for an entry-level designer handbag and only have $250 to spare, this diffusion line will give you plenty of choices. Check out our listing of MICHAEL Michael Kors Discounts to get even better deals.

Published May 06, 2013
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