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Ethical Designer Handbags from Sag + Sal

In this age of cheap mass production, it’s not everyday you see a product so thoughtfully designed that it stays in your mind, restoring your faith back in craftsmanship. That may well be the goal of the ethical handbag designers behind Sag+Sal—a group of Berlin-based idealists who make luxurious things out of rubber.

They have wonderful bags in their collection, but my personal choice (and sadly, the most expensive) is this androgynously geometric purse.

The mind-boggling construction and amazing lack of stitching drew me right in, but it was the texture that hypnotized me for another 10 minutes. It was strangely hypnotic—like an origami crane, really, except less delicate and more industrial.

Sustainable Designer Bags
Sag+sal Bag 3
Sustainable Designer Handbag

This earth-friendly Sag+Sal handbag was actually fashioned from one piece of ‘used printing blanket’ and then cleverly folded, cut, and fastened using book binding screws. The end result? A sustainable and virtually indestructible arm candy that will probably last longer than that Michael Kors handbag on your wishlist.

Ethical Designer Handbags

According to Sag+Sal’s German website, the bags are made of upcycled blankets—recycled, solid, compressible rubber combined with layers of tissue—that were once used in offset printing machines, then carefully cleaned before processing.

Sag+sal Bag 2

I’ll be sure to keep an eye on this new brand and let you know if their bags go on sale. Meanwhile, if you don’t mind paying retail, this sustainable and seriously chic Sag+Sal handbag can be yours for $917 USD. A little too steep? They also have messenger bags selling at at $223. Check out their store below:

Published December 26, 2013 by Ingrid Cudia
Designer Discounted