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Why We Love: Bethenny Frankel

There is a typical businesswoman, and then there is a rare phenomenon like Bethenny Frankel. At 43, this author, entrepreneur, TV personality, and Forbes cover girl has parlayed her fame into an empire of multimillion-dollar brands, and more recently, a talk show.

Her success has stirred admiration, and not surprisingly, envy from critics who are quick to diminish her achievements.  But those who still insist that she is nothing but a Bravo housewife are missing one important point—while she did get her start on reality TV, the rest of her success was up to her.

Here in the office, we have nothing but love for Bethenny. Why, she’s the only reason we even tuned in to Bravo! Why do we adore her? Here are just a few reasons.

1. She rarely pays retail.

A millionaire many times over (and over), Bethenny is the first to declare that she is frugal when it comes to fashion. Elle Magazine’s exclusive inside look into her closet in 2012 revealed that she is just like us—she shops on eBay, buys designer clothes only when they’re on sale, and is allergic to paying full price. Check out some of the amazing designer pieces Bethenny got on a discount:

Bethenny Frankel Alexander McQueen
An Alexander McQueen clutch purchased on eBay after the designer passed away. Photo: 
Bethenny Frankel Givenchy Jacket
A Givenchy jacket bought on sale in Canada. Photo: 
Bethenny Frankel Cartier Watch
Cartier watches from eBay, bought from a newly-divorced woman who needed the cash quickly. Photo: 

She says it all in a BlueFly video: “Never do I pay retail.”

She also advises women to find a good tailor to elevate a dress from sale-rack find to haute, haute, haute. Even simple changes like changing the buttons on a Dolce and Gabanna dress (purchased at a sample sale) can make all the difference.

“Tailoring is the key. I would tailor my underwear.” 

2. She seems to be low-maintenance.

We love how Bethenny blends glamour and an accessible quality. She’s not a slave to trends; in fact, she relishes in the fast that she wears pieces that are many seasons old—(with that figure, who cares?). And while we love her red carport ensembles, what we’re really drawn to are her everyday, walking-around outfits.

For example, we love her beautiful cashmere ‘robe’ sweaters. She calls them moosh, as in (moo-sh) v.1. to moosh; to indulge and relax in something special. We also adore the fact that she can wear a Missoni for Target cardigan with a bag from Yves Saint Laurent.

3. She earned her own money

This doesn’t seem like it has anything to with fashion, but it does.

You see, there’s a certain depth about women who earn their own money—a certain confidence that makes clothes fall better. It’s the kind of poise that only comes with complete ownership of who you are and what you like—a certain coolness that comes with not needing a man to buy that purse for you.

Bethenny Frankel’s new talk show will premiere on September 9. You can get more information on her website.

Bethenny Frankel Chanel Bag
Photo: Zimbio 

Those who still insist that she is nothing but a Bravo housewife are missing one important point—while she did get her start on reality TV, the rest of her success was up to her.

Bethenny Frankel Going To The Park
Photo: Zimbio 

Did you know?

To help ensure that she stays on the never-pay-retail path and curbs impulse buys, Bethenny mainly shops online, frequenting discount sites like eBay and Net-A-Porter.

Bethenny Frankel YSL Muse Bag
Photo: Zimbio 
Published July 17, 2013 by Ingrid Cudia
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