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Prada Outlet in Hong Kong (Directions + Exclusive Photos)

My first pilgrimage to the legendary Prada Outlet in Hong Kong was about four years ago, on a rainy summer day. After an hour of hopelessly walking in all the wrong directions, I was ready to give up. And then – like a miraculous apparition that has deemed me worthy – it magically appeared.

Formally called ‘Space,’ this legendary outlet is hard to find (to say the least). The façade is nothing like a Prada store, and if you don’t look closely, you will miss it, like I almost did.

My saviour was a fabulous gay man sauntering about and carrying a Prada shopping bag. I immediately approached him. He spoke no English, but he spoke Prada. I simply pointed at his paper bag, he understood what I was looking for, and he showed me the way.

Here it is! You will hardly notice the sign. You’ll need to go up a floor (via a private escalator) to reach the store.
You may need a compass to find this ‘east' wing of Marina Square.


What’s inside?

To say that the selection here is ‘amazing’ would be a understatement. I’ve been to a number of designer discount outlets in Europe, but this was the only store to ever make jaw drop. There were literally thousands of off-season Prada bags, shoes, clothes, and accessories here, all at least 40% less than retail. That’s right – I said at least. Some of the merchandise are marked 95% off, they might as well be free. You'll also find a lot of discounted Miu Miu and Helmut Lang items. 

Sneaky, sneaky! The sales associates don’t allow cameras inside the store, but that didn’t stop me. Here you'll see some of the other tourists looking at delicious handbags.
There were Prada shoes everywhere for both men and women, and there were plenty more in the stock room.Prepare to stock up on basics, like pumps and sandals.
This was the best shot I could take of the other shoe section, where I ogled at everything like kid in a candy store.

Getting there

The ‘Space’ Prada Outlet is about a 20 minute taxi ride from Hong Kong Central. The easiest way to get there is to hail a cab and simply ask to be taken to ‘South Horizons.’ Better yet, ask your hotel concierge to write the address (below) in Chinese so you can show it to your cabbie. Expect to pay about 200 HKD if you’re coming from Tsim Sha Tsui – a little steep, but worth every penny because of all the discounts you’ll get on luscious Prada items. 

I have heard that you can also take a bus. Ask your hotel to give you a copy of the Hong Kong Citybus Guide. The bus fare to the South Horizons Bus Terminal is less than HKD7.00 (one-way) from the following stations:

Central / Exchange Square (Citybus 590)
Admiralty Bus Station (Citybus 590A)
Causeway Bay / Moreton Terrace) (Citybus 592)

This Prada-owned and operated outlet is tucked in one of Hong Kong's high end residential areas, so you don’t need to worry about the usual traffic and shopping crowd.  Here’s the complete address:

Prada Outlet Hong Kong

2/F Marina Square – East Wing
South Horizons
Ap Lei Chau

It’s open from 10am to 6pm from Tuesdays to Saturdays, and from 12noon to 6pm on Sundays. Never come on a Monday, as it’s closed.

Below is a map plus a streetview image. You can click on them.


View Outlet Shops in a larger map
Prada Space Hongkong
Landmarks include the 'Marina Square East Center' main entrance, plus a 7-11 outlet. 
Note from the editor: I originally posted pictures of the hard to find Prada Outlet in Hong Kong over at Purse Forum, but my account has since been deleted due to inactivity, and I can no longer answer questions using that thread. For enquiries, please post a comment here, or contact us.
Published December 30, 2011
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