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Hermes Colors - Reference


It’s hard to think of hues more delicious than Hermes colors that only this luxury house seems to be able to concoct. Inimitable and undoubtedly pedigreed, they take bring to life the classic leathers and exotic skins and can infuse haute to a basic outfit of greys and blacks.

Note that Hermès does not keep an official colour chart. The unpredictable nature of the leathers they use renders Hermes unable to guarantee the precise colour of an item at any given time. Note that factors such as the weather also affect the dying process, so the same color on a same leather type will sometimes appear darker or lighter.

The compilation below is based on our research and first-hand experience seeing touching, smelling, and obsessing on Hermes handbags. It is not in any way comprehensive; some colours have already been discontinued, and new ones are released every now and then. Nevertheless, it’s one of the most complete references you’ll find anywhere. If you know of any other hue we might have missed, please post a comment below. Enjoy!

Hermes Blues

Hermes Leather
An Hermès artisan working on a delicious shade. We currently know of 16 Hermes blues. If you we missed a colour, let us know. 
Hermes Bag Cutting Done
Our favourite pink shades include Cyclamen, Framboise, and Fuschia. (Photo from official Hermes catalogue.)  

Hermes Epsom

Hermes Clemence

Hermes Taurillon Clemence

Hermes Barenia

Hermes 2-Tones


Hermes Reds

Hermes Metallics

Published January 18, 2012
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