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Spotted: Chanel Umbrella

You don't have to live in one of the rainiest cities in the world to covet beautiful Chanel umbrellas whether from the latest collection or the vintage archives. They can make anyone look instantly polished through the wettest days of the year. Pair one with a Burberry trench and you can be the chicest person in the dreariest rainy mornings. 

The newer Chanel umbrellas are beautiful, but to be honest, we prefer the vintage ones you'll find in upscale consignment stores. Just look at how beautiful this is.

Chanel Umbrella 1
Chanel Umbrella 2
Chanel Umbrella 5

Nothing much has changed in terms of how Chanel manufactures its umbrellas, which by the way are still made in France. The outside shell is still typically 100% polyester, and the lining is 60% polyamide and 40% polyester. The handles are usually made or resin and is stamped 'Chanel' just like the snap closure. The length is approximately 33.25.


Chanel Umbrella 3
Chanel Umbrella 4
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Second-hand Chanel umbrellas still command a high price - perhaps even higher than new ones. We saw a camelia-printed black version at Malleries for $999. The one pictured above is from FarFetch, costing $1,178. Le sigh.

To be fair, this particular Chanel umbrella features a calf leather handle complete with a hand strap. And who can miss that signature 'CC' logo fastening? Just the leather case itself should be worth several hundred dollars. The signature chain handle and twist lock are to die for.

Would you invest in one of these fancy brollies? We would live to hear your thoughts.


Published November 20, 2012
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